Once you go Black . . .

I’m a little late on the “black wall” train, but you can only do so much without a house. Now that I have one, my first walls are going dark! Some colors overwhelm you in a good way, and this is one of them. As soon as you walk in, it wraps you up and blocks out everything else in the world. What more could you ask for in a bedroom? It sort of reminds me of a cozy cave. It’s soft and hard at the same time. It’s edgy but it’s also classy & glamorous. I love it.

black room 4
Nuevo Estilo  /  Atlanta Homes Mag 

You know a good room when you feel it. It’s less about what you see than what you don’t realize you see. Kind of like background music – you don’t always notice it when it’s there, but something feels wrong when it isn’t.

black room1

Witching Hour – Benjamin Moore  /  French Bulldog – Martha Stewart  Railings – Farrow & Ball

I love a room that mixes interesting collections, beautiful accessories, patterns and textures but gives you a feeling of peace at the same time. A good room gives your eyes plenty to dance on, yet is also a place for your eyes to rest.

black room2
Off Black – Farrow & Ball  /  Lonny Mag  Country Living

Most importantly – in a good room, you feel at home, and you want to stay.

AD Home Black Panel


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