Windmere Project #1: Master Bedroom

When we moved into our house, one of the first things we purchased was the key to happiness in marriage – a King Size bed.  I have some back problems so we decided to go big or go home and sprung for one of the Tempurpedic / Memory Foam Sleep-on-Me-and-Everything-in-Life-will-Somehow-be-OK models.  We were excited!  Problem is, at the same time I refused to move into our Master Bedroom while the depressing purple trailer siding walls + creepy basement “asbestos-look” ceiling tiles were there.  Since our lease on our apartment in Franklin was up soon and our only other option was to live with my parents (which my husband had already been doing for 2 months with a very good attitude), we had to suck it up and Tim Gunn it (“make it work”) through this first phase of reno.

Before_Bedroom_104Windmere (3)

This picture creeps me out.  If I could put the worst of everything in 1 room, it would look like this. Horrible Walls + Scary Ceilings + Book Light in a Dumb Place + Cheap Closet Doors = OH MY!

Now that you understand what kind of horror-film-esque master bedroom “decor” I’m talking about, I am sure that we are on the same page. Since my new mattress was super-huge and SUPER-heavy, my husband refused to carry it upstairs (only to have to carry it back down again), so guess where we slept… the  Dining Room!

All the while, the Drywall team was busy further destroying the Master Bedroom –


Drywall is the messiest shi* ever. Think: Lots of goopy putty plopping all over the place combined with dust from the non-stop sanding. For anyone worried that my floors may be ruined, well not technically. BUT I would seriously think twice before allowing this type of activity anywhere near floors that aren’t already destined to be refinished in the next few years. Cover them up.

Now for the fun stuff – colors! I wanted dark brown-black walls with soft creamy textures and color. I know what you are thinking: Black Walls!?!) Before you freak out, take a look at these.

Here is a good example of what I was (sort of) going for:

black room3

OK, so are you on board now? Either way, here we go:

Reno_Bedroom_Windmere Collage

Getting Closer! The ceilings are nearly finished in the one, and you can tell how yellow-y the old windows were – ew!

Reno_Bedroom_Windmere Collage2

Wait for it…


After_Bedroom_104Windmere (4)

Reno_Bedroom_Windmere Collage3

After_Bedroom_104Windmere (3)

Please forgive the messy bed in that one. And we still have quite a bit of work to do – finish sitting area with rug, furniture, custom closet, move out that chest that belongs upstairs (another piece of furniture that my husband thought he could persuade me to keep downstairs if he just left it there…)


Thank goodness that is over – I’m exhausted just looking through these pictures!


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