Yard work – again.

Once again, yard work has been distracting us from fun things.  It is starting to feel like we’re making some progress though!


DURING (poor Drew got stuck with the more acrobatic tasks):


And we had no idea that wall was even there!


We’re nowhere near Yard of the Month, but we’re getting further away from the Eyesore of the Neighborhood.


Adventures in Marble Countertops

I love marble.  It’s soft.  It’s porous.  It’s fragile and has to be re-sealed over time.  Most people think that it’s crazy to put this material on a surface where you spill drinks, chop veggies, set hot plates, and slide dishes around. They’re probably right.  I don’t care.  I have to have it. As I was perusing the internet for some sort of information that might talk me out of it, I ran across this Gardenista post.  Not only did I find my kindred spirit in marble, but when I read her very wise words I knew that I had to go with my heart on this one:

“You think a remodel will change your life by turning every part of your house into something new and clean and perfect. And that does happen. For about one minute. Then you move back in—with your mud-tracking family and your little dogs named Sticky and Larry and your old chairs with the scratchy feet—and things break, chip, get dinged and scratched and stained.  The first year of living in a perfect house is actually about learning to accept imperfection without falling into a deep state of despair. A scratch in the paint here, a leak in the basement, a hot water problem. These are all easy to fix. The crookedness that makes a nose perfect.”

When I read that, I thought, “Hmmm.  Well, I’m ok with that.”  And I get it that most people may not be.  And that’s ok.  You don’t have to like it.  A year from now, when my counter tops have a few nicks and scratches, I will still love them, because we’re the ones that loved them and lived on them. A few imperfections just make them more beautiful.  Now stains, though.  That’s another story.  Red drinks, you’re no longer welcome here!

One of the most fun parts about kitchen reno is visiting the stone warehouse.  Imagine rows and rows of huge slabs, each one beautiful and unique.  Since we’re looking in the white family, here are some of the options we checked out –

1.  Imperial Danby
Marble Danby Imperial

2. Calacatta

Marble Calacatta

3. More Calacatta

marble calacatta b

4. Calacatta Caldia
marble calacatta caldia

5. CarraraMarble 3cm Honed carrera venatino

I love them all.  When Stone Source did the final measurements, we discovered that we had under-estimated the square footage by about 25% (And I was so proud of the original measurements I had sketched on scrap of notebook paper!  Go figure!??).  So, I ultimately decided to go with #5, after learning that #2 was about five times more expensive.  And I love #5!