Kitchen Conundrum in Gray

So I picked a really great shade of navy for my kitchen cabinets – not too blue and not too black.  Really, the perfect mix of both.  I worked like crazy to paint all of the cabinets meticulously – the insides, the outsides, the drawer tracks, the whole nine yards.  Now I’m just not sure. The cabinets in the pic below are unfinished and the upper cabinets are still up, but it sort of gives you an idea. Maybe it’s the combination of the dark navy with the terracotta tile floors that’s throwing me, but it just isn’t doing it for me.

Maybe it’s the result of this particular color recipe that doesn’t give me the warm feeling I’m looking for when I walk in the room.  Maria Killam, who is a Colour Expert, writes one of my favorite blogs .   She calls something like this a “bossy” fixed (something you cannot / will not change) element.  This is something that I wasn’t totally in tune with before I met Maria’s blog. What this means is – you can like a color all you want, but if it does not flow well with the rest of the room, it will never work. In my case, I underestimated the bossy-ness of my terracotta floors. Another bossy personality coming into my kitchen – Carrera marble countertops. Maria calls this a “fixed white”, which means you need to put some thought into the colors that you put with it, for example: the “white” that you pick for your trim needs to have some gray in its undertones in order to work with the Carrera (more on this later, but here is what Maria says ).

So anyway, I have bossy floors and bossy countertops – what to do?   Gray.
gray kitchen - decorpad

Amazing kitchen island double-take:
Gray Kitchen - BHG and H&Hc

I love how this kitchen is somehow both utilitarian and warm. The counter tops mix of stainless steel & marble. There is even a little butcher block thrown in the mix!
Gray Kitchen - Greige
Now we even get a little rustic! You may notice the trend here is gray + white…
Gray Kitchen - H&Hb
Gray + Brass… Obsessed.
Gray Kitchen - BloomsburyCollage
Gray + Copper… Loving this.
Gray Kitchen - southern living may 2011

So it’s starting to feel like gray looks fabulous with everything that I love – white marble, stainless, brass, copper. And it also looks pretty good with some of the things that I don’t really have a choice about,  like my bossy terracotta floors.


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Kitchen Conundrum in Navy

I’m in love with Navy kitchens. Navy-blue-almost-black cabinets with white counter tops. Blue is my favorite color, so I should naturally have a blue kitchen.

8 Chic Coles and 9 Wishful Thinking

1 / 2

My fine china is blue & white and I collect delft vases and pots. I love blue & white.
Delft 2 and Delft 3

Delft 1 and Delft 4

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

My kitchen is basically laid out as two separate spaces. On one side is the cooking / cupboards part and on the other side is the eating part with french doors that open to the back patio. The two spaces are separated by a peninsula with a large work surface. Since my eat-in space looks exactly like this and I love ikat, I want to make it look like this. I would choose a different table – maybe even a banquette – not sure yet. The wallpaper is Thai Ikat by Thibaut .

1 Navy Kitchen and 15 Thai Ikat

Ikat Kitchen / Ikat Wallpaper

Another thing that I LOVE – Turkish rugs in the kitchen. Something about a good rug like this makes a room feel so livable. The pink flowers tie in with the pinks in the rug and soften the space so much. I love it.
4 navy kitchen - lonny

You know what else I love? Brass.
7 navy kitchen - house and home

More Navy kitchen inspiration…
2 navy kitchen - houseandhome - smythe
3 navy kitchen - houseandhomeB

navy kitchen - unknown (2)6 Navy Kitchen - SAS Interiors

The other kitchen I’m loving is the gray kitchen. As much as I love these navy guys, the gray kitchens just keep popping up and distracting me from my first love.  Oh what to do!