A New Year. A New Blog.



I’ve had this site for a while now, and as much as I’ve wanted to, for some reason I’ve found so many reasons not to get started on it. I guess I felt like I had to start off with something really grand, some sort of impressive opening or exciting introduction.  Since that has seemed like much too daunting of a task to me for so long (not to mention a boring read), I’ll just skip it and jump straight in!

My husband and I were married 2 years ago.  Since then, we’ve moved back to my hometown and bought our first house.  After living in rental houses and apartments since college, owning a house was one of my greatest desires.  I had been desperate for walls that I could wallpaper, or even knock down if I want to!  My dream house: a beautiful old house with a big long driveway and old wood floors that creak when you walk on them and big old wooden windows that look out onto the big old trees in the yard and had a view of the surrounding mountains and the city below.

And so the journey begins.  This blog is going to be about that journey:  from finding a home to making it a home and every blown fuse, mini-flood, trip to the hardware store, hole-in-the-wall-where-it’s-not-supposed-to-be, and general “Oops! Wtf!?” in between.

I hope you enjoy the ride, because we certainly are!